The Best Vending and ATM Franchises

As more people look for quick and convenient food options to suit their busy lifestyle, Vending Machine businesses have filled the need by providing quick access to popular snacks, drinks, and more.

Buy a Franchise and Help Your Local Community in your area

Do you have a passion for helping people and have dreamed of opening a business helping people in your area? A franchise may be the ideal match where the Vending and ATM industry crosses over with owning your own business. This provids the perfect chance to start a company for many potential entrepreneurs. As you think about buying a new Vending and ATM-based franchise in your area, there are some items to consider.

What Specifically is a Service-Based Franchise?

Did you know that not all Vending and ATM providers are franchises? It's true that a lot of globally-recognized service companies are franchised, but there are some that are owned and operated by corporate. What does it mean to be a franchisee? It means you hire your own staff, oversee operations, and are responsible for the business side of things. Purchasing and managing a franchise in the Vending and ATM industry location means that you are also responsible for the company's success.

As part of the purchase agreement, franchisees pay royalties to corporate and receive a streamlined service model and branding guidelines. The franchisor handles all of the advertising, menu design, further instruction, conferences, and damage control for all its franchisees.

We Help You Decide on What Kind of Franchises in the service industry to Open in your area

What can you do to own your own Vending and ATM-related franchise in your area?

As your fascination with owning a Vending and ATM-related franchise increases, reach out to our team. Buying a Vending and ATM-related franchise in your area has the advantages of an established brand, proven processes, and other advanced solutions that make it a solid investment.

What Franchises in the Vending and ATM Industry Are Available?

Some are service specific like residential only or just commercial while other Vending and ATM franchises are full-service. Before choosing any franchise in the Vending and ATM sector, we can help you determine what will succeed in your area and fill a market niche.

  • Plumbing
  • Gutter Cleaning & Repair
  • Rennovation Companies
  • Pest Control
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Home Maintenance
  • Window-Washers
  • Flooring
  • And More

We help you drill down the options and make a profile of the local economy to help you find the best Vending and ATM franchises. Market research may show that the neighborhood will be completely supportive. Knowing things like your region's average median household income, what other Vending and ATM franchises are operating in your region and their service models will help you determine what Vending and ATM franchises to open.

We Help You Decide on What Kind of Franchises in the service industry to Open in your area

With some guidance from us, you can find Vending and ATM-related franchises to fit the bill in your area.

Vending Franchise Trends and Benefits

With 12 franchise systems, there are several great business opportunities that fit your investment range.
Ideal for investors looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance business opportunity, vending machine and ATM franchises are a growing sector. Profits are very location-driven and finding the ideal spots for your machines depends on foot traffic and demand for your product offering. There are several different vending machine investment options, ranging from traditional snacks and drinks to healthy and fresh foods. These machines are usually accessible 24 hours a day and don’t need an owner or employee present to sell the product.
Sector Report
Sample research stats taken from our data in the ATM & Vending sector
Initial Investment

What does it cost to get into the ATM & Vending sector?

The average investment in the ATM & Vending sector is $213,603. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story. There's a striking difference between the average and median.

Of all ATM & Vending franchises, 6 have an investment lower than $93,196. The average initial investment is skewed because the most expensive franchise in this sector is $1,287,375.

When looking at franchise opportunities make sure you examine brands within your investment range. Search below for ATM & Vending investments that fit your financial criteria. If you're not sure what you can afford, fill out our Franchise Affordability Calculator.

Initial Investment
$1,287,375 Highest
$11,100 Lowest
Figure 1: Initial Investment required for a franchise in the ATM & Vending sector
Financial Transparency
Provides Item 19 Data
Figure 2: 50% of franchises in this sector have Item 19 in their FDD.
Discloses Expense Data
Figure 3: Of franchises with an Item 19, 17% disclose expense data

How much can I make in the ATM & Vending sector?

How much money you can make from a ATM & Vending franchise depends on several factors, including location and demand for your services.

One way to predict your profit potential is to evaluate the financial performance representations provided by a franchisor in Item 19 of their Franchise Disclosure Document. Franchisors are not required to disclose this information, some are more transparent than others.

In the ATM & Vending sector, 50% disclose a financial performance representation. Of those, only 17% disclose some type of expense data on its franchisee operations.

Unlock our ATM & Vending Sector Report to learn which franchises are profitable.

These statistics are a sample drawn from just two of seven grade sections we research and analyze. For a full sector report, contact us.
Why buy an ATM & Vending franchise?
Traditionally, vending machines require little effort to operate and manage, and once a location is found, maintaining a stocked machine is the goal. This is easier to do with bulk non-perishable foods like candy or chips and may require less effort restocking. But newer vending machines that provide healthy foods like Naturals2Go will pay higher margins and can generate larger profits. As technology advances, more variety of products and services can be built into vending machines, making this sector a great investment opportunity. Vending machine owners may need to pay a rental fee for locations and small maintenance repairs throughout the years. The major ongoing cost is the delivery and restocking efforts, typically done through a van or delivery vehicle.
  • Low cost entry as you can buy one or several machines
  • Easy to run as a part-time business
  • Minimal staffing is required and ongoing labor costs are low
  • Technology driven updates make it easy to manage
  • It's a 24-hour business and you can make money around the clock
Vending second
Are you an ideal candidate?
The ideal candidate would need to be comfortable finding and sourcing locations for your machines. This typically means talking to and engaging various companies around your community. A good interpersonal skill set will help ensure you find ideal locations for your machines. You should be adaptive and willing to embrace technology to stay competitive.
Want a more detailed analysis of the ATM & Vending sector?
Finding the best franchise means comparing several brands to determine the ideal fit for you. Franchise Grade is dedicated to research and education, helping you make confident franchise investment decisions.
Review our stats, check out the featured franchises below, browse all the franchises within this sector, unlock the full Sector Report, or contact us — we have several franchise experts ready to help you understand and analyze the data (FREE).