Organization Franchise and Business Opportunities

Run a Franchise and Help Your Local Community in your area

A franchise in the Organization industry presents an excellent opportunity to start a business for many would-be managers. Organization industry franchises have some advantages, like instant name recognition, existing customer-base, and built-in marketing. Listed below are a few items to consider when checking into and buying a franchise providing Organization services in your area.

What Specifically is a Franchise in the Service Sector?

Not all Organization businesses are franchises. The case could be that, even though a Organization business is globally recognized, it can be corporate-owned and operated by company employees. A franchise is purchased, and owners are franchisees who buy the rights to operate their own business.

The franchisee pays royalties to the head office as they operate under the brand. In return, corporate has branding guidelines and takes care of marketing, training, conferences, and troubleshooting for all its franchisees.

What Franchises in the Organization Field Are Available?

Some are service specific like residential only or just commercial while other Organization-based franchises do it all. Before choosing a specific brand in the Organization industry, we can help you identify what will succeed in your area and fill a hole in the local market.

  • Plumbing
  • Gutter Cleaning & Repair
  • Restoration Companies
  • Pest Control
  • Heating and Cooling Technicians
  • Painters
  • Cleaners
  • Movers
  • And More

Our experts help you drill down the competition and create a profile of the local market to help you find the best Organization-based franchises. By researching the market, the research may show that the community will be in full support. Understanding things like your area's average median household income, what other Organization-based franchises are open in your area and how they do business will help you decide what Organization-based franchises to open.

We Help You Select What Kind of Franchises in the service industry to Open in your area

With some direction from us, you can find franchises in the Organization industry to fit your goals in your area.

With 12 franchise systems, there are several great business opportunities that fit your investment range.
Sector Report
Sample research stats taken from our data in the Organization sector
Initial Investment

What does it cost to get into the Organization sector?

The average investment in the Organization sector is $204,338. But, that doesn’t tell the whole story. There's a striking difference between the average and median.

Of all Organization franchises, 6 have an investment lower than $151,997. The average initial investment is skewed because the most expensive franchise in this sector is $511,750.

When looking at franchise opportunities make sure you examine brands within your investment range. Search below for Organization investments that fit your financial criteria. If you're not sure what you can afford, fill out our Franchise Affordability Calculator.

Initial Investment
$511,750 Highest
$12,000 Lowest
Figure 1: Initial Investment required for a franchise in the Organization sector
Financial Transparency
Provides Item 19 Data
Figure 2: 83% of franchises in this sector have Item 19 in their FDD.
Discloses Expense Data
Figure 3: Of franchises with an Item 19, 40% disclose expense data

How much can I make in the Organization sector?

How much money you can make from a Organization franchise depends on several factors, including location and demand for your services.

One way to predict your profit potential is to evaluate the financial performance representations provided by a franchisor in Item 19 of their Franchise Disclosure Document. Franchisors are not required to disclose this information, some are more transparent than others.

In the Organization sector, 83% disclose a financial performance representation. Of those, only 40% disclose some type of expense data on its franchisee operations.

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